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IPL 2021 Updates: Challenge in front of Arjun Tendulkar to prove himself as a worthy player

It’s an incident of the eleventh hour of the IPL 2021 auction. All the teams have already arranged their teams. The auction of local cricketers was going on. The auctioneer was calling the names of one cricketer after another at a base price of Rs 20 lakh. But the franchises were not looking back at anyone. Suddenly a name was called, Arjun Tendulkar. For the first time this season, Indian legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s son is regularly seen in Indian domestic cricket. That is why 22-year-old Arjun was enlisted for the first time in the IPL auction.

After seeing Arjun’s name in the auction, many predicted that Mumbai Indians (MI) would take him to their squad. He is the son of Mumbai, and also the son of the best cricketer of all time. Sachin is still associated with Mumbai Indians after his retirement. He is in charge of the mentor for the team. Arjun also bowled in the Mumbai Indians net last season. Presumably, Mumbai Indians have shown interest in him, and no other franchise bid for him. The defending champions easily ropes in Arjun at his base price.

The character ‘Arjun Tendulkar’ has been known in Indian cricket for a long time. Although he is the son of the best batsman in the history of cricket, Arjun has chosen bowling. Whatever happens, when you are the child of a famous father, whatever you do, it will create some speculations. After this auction, of course, the question has arisen again. Was Arjun bought because of Tendulkar at the end of his name?

In January, Arjun played for Mumbai in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. He didn’t perform well, got 2 wickets in 2 matches. The bowling economy rate was more than 9.50. Arjun is also waiting for his debut in ‘List A’ after T20. Mumbai has invited 100 cricketers to their camp for the Vijay Hazare tournament. Arjun’s name is also there in the list. Despite playing for Mumbai’s age-based team, he has never played for the country, which means Arjun doesn’t have a very eye-catching profile. In the IPL auction, many young cricketers have remained unsold with better careers and statistics than Arjun.

So after the auction, there have been allegations of nepotism. It has been alleged on social media that Mumbai Indians would not have bought Arjun if he was not Tendulkar’s son. After the auction, Mumbai Indians coach Mahela Jayawardene had to argue in a hurry to buy Arjun, saying, ‘We are only looking at skills (not paternity). Because of Sachin, there will be a big tag next to him. Good luck he is a bowler, not a batsman. I think if Sachin can bowl like Arjun, he will be proud. ‘

Arjun naturally got the talent of separating himself from his father. Sachin chose the right hand for batting and bowling but Arjun does two with the left hand. “It’s a step in Arjun’s education,” Jayawardene said about Arjun, who got a chance at the Mumbai Indians with a late order batting with left-arm medium pace. He added,” He is just going to play for Mumbai. He will learn a lot, he will improve. He is still young. He is a very dedicated boy. We have to give him time and hopefully not too much pressure. Give him a chance to grow. That’s the way we want to help him. “

It’s always a pressure to choose the same profession as the famous father. No matter what anyone says, as long as Arjun is not proving himself on the field, the tag of ‘Nepotism’ will remain next to his name. 

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