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NZ vs BAN 2021 Updates: Bangladesh’s players getting bored with the strict quarantine regulations

Bangladesh Cricket team arrived in New Zealand last Wednesday to play 3 ODIs and 3 T20s in New Zealand. This is the first overseas tour of Bangladesh during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Bangladesh team stepped into New Zealand and entered the quarantine center set up by the New Zealand Army in Christchurch. They need to stay there in quarantine for 14 days. In the first seven days, they are confined in a room. There will be a total of 4 Covid-19 tests & if 4 of these tests are negative, the cricketers will be able to go to practice in small groups after seven days.

Cricketers can leave their rooms at a certain time of the day due to negative results in the first Covid-19 test. The opportunity to go out twice a day from yesterday is being given. In a video message, Miraz spoke of his quarantine experience, saying, “I was in the room for the first 3 days. Then everyone got a chance to go out in half an hour. The day I first went out, my head was spinning a little at the beginning. Then slowly after 10 to 15 minutes, it was fine. I was feeling like I was the prisoner who was inside the house for three days, the experience was like a jail. I looked very disappointed. ‘

The cricketers seem to be a little relieved to be allowed to go out twice a day by the rules, ‘When I went out, I adapted to the weather. It felt good when I got back to the room later, I felt a little refreshed. It doesn’t feel good to be in the room all day. It’s quite boring to spend 3 or 4 days in the room in the same way & it’s a little uncomfortable for us. It’s nice to be out for thirty minutes and feels nice to be back in the room.’

Miraz chose to talk on the phone to spend time under house arrest.‘This is the first time I have spent the day in such a boundary inside the hotel. Time was not moving at first. We didn’t see anyone. In the first days, I did not meet anyone. We talked to everyone on the phone, from this room to another room in a video call. At first, it seemed monotonous, time was not running out. Now that a few days have passed, I hope the rest of the days will pass like this. ‘

Now the Bangladesh team including Miraz is waiting for the end of quarantine. The cricketers will have the opportunity to spend more time outside after the first seven days, ‘After six or seven days when we can go to the gym and the field, we will feel better. Maybe now the time is not running out. If we could do some work in the gym, it would be easier for us, time would pass by, fitness would be better. The opportunity will come in a few days. I hope it will be better then.’

The Tigers are looking to register their first win in New Zealand. Predict whether they can be successful or not and place bets on!

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