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SOPs regarding IPL 2021 brings relief for the players

An elaborated document listing out Standard Operating procedures (SOPs) and bio-secure protocols regarding the forthcoming IPL has come out. Bubble-to-bubble transfers for the players have been permitted by The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). This means that players can directly enter into their respective team bubble from their national-team bubbles.

Precisely, the BCCI stated that the England and India players can straightly get into their franchise bubbles without undergoing any quarantine period once they finish their matches up against each other. However, player, owner, franchise management member, commentator, and match official, everyone of them has to go for 7 days of quarantine baring the ones that have come from national-team bubbles.

Players from national-team bubbles can enter into the franchise bubbles through team bus or chartered flights. All protocols for the crew members must be followed if chartered flights are used. If the BCCI Chief Medical Officer (CMO) is satisfied with their travel arrangements, then the players can directly enter the franchise bubble without undergoing any quarantine period or RT-PCR test.

There is a bit of relief for the teams having players from overseas bubbles. As an example, some players are going to take part in the South Africa-Pakistan series. They will also be allowed to get an entry for their franchise bubble if their travel arrangements are to the satisfaction of CMO.

Twelve bubbles will be created in total. Eight bubbles are for the sides, two for broadcast commentators and crew, and two for match officials and match management teams. The BCCI also stated that none of the BCCI officials and operations will be part of any bubble and hence they won’t be able to interact in person with anyone residing in the bubble. The owners will have to go through 7 days of quarantine in their hotel rooms if they want to get into the team bubbles.

The BCCI has also mentioned about 4 Bubble Integrity Managers. They will monitor the team bubbles and report to the BCCI if any rule-break occurs. A wrist band as a tracking device will be there for every individual to know whether their movement is okay or not. About vaccination, The BCCI has clarified that it’s not possible to arrange vaccines for everyone. The balls that will be used have less potential to spread the infection. Once the ball goes to the stands or outside of the ground, a new ball will be given from the library & that ball will be disinfected & preserved in the library.

The BCCI has also revealed the entrance guidelines for Mumbai & Chennai where the first leg of the tournament will be played.

Entrance for Mumbai:
The passengers must undergo an institutional quarantine for seven days in Mumbai at their own cost if they arrive from the UK, Middle East, South Africa, Brazil, and Europe. The ones willing not to abide by them must seek permission through government-issued guidelines. The domestic passengers are free from quarantine.

Entrance for Chennai:
E-pass issued by the government of Tamil Nadu is required for the ones who want to enter Tamil Nadu from other Indian states & union territories. This e-pass is also mandatory for international passengers entering the state either through direct flights or from other Indian states and union territories.

World’s most valued franchise cricket league IPL is forthcoming. Stay tuned for updates regarding it, predict the winner of every match & place bets on!

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